The Way of the Last Adam

I’ll never forget the day a Navy SEAL beckoned me over for a chat at the training facility where I work. He was almost done rehabbing from an injury and wanted to know how soon he could start doing full workouts.

“I just want to get back to work,” he said fervently. “I want to have endurance, strength, and speed again. Have you ever seen the movie 300?”

“Yeah,” I said, nodding.

“Well, that’s what I want to look like,” he said passionately. “You know, like a warrior.”

I couldn’t quite believe that one of America’s most lethal warriors was telling me he wanted to look like an actor in a movie. “You want to know what a warrior really looks like?” I said. “Get in front of a mirror and take a good look at the guy you see staring back at you. Then you’ll find out what a real warrior looks like.”

Most men today—even the ones who seem the toughest and most “manly”—don’t know who they are. Like that SEAL, they are striving after some experience that can make them feel like the men they want to be—powerful, successful, respected. Yet nothing they achieve brings a lasting sense of confidence and satisfaction. Worse, their striving leads to all kinds of problems—anger issues, identity confusion, money problems, high stress and health issues, broken and/or dysfunctional relationships, and addictions to power, money, work, sex, food, porn, adrenaline, drugs, gambling, and more.

At Junto Tribe, we call this pattern of striving to find our identity and purpose The Way of the First Adam. It is the version of manhood we inherit from our fallen ancestor, who stepped outside of relationship with His Creator and tried to be someone he was never created to be.

We are all born into The Way of the First Adam, and would have been hopelessly bound to it forever. But 2,000 years ago, another Man arrived on the planet—the Last Adam—and created a new Way for us to be men. In The Way of the Last Adam, we no longer strive to find and prove our identity and purpose. Instead, we simply believe we are who He says we are—sons of the Father, just like He is. Every step of our journey to live authentically in our true identity and purpose is built on this cornerstone of trust in the Last Adam, the Authentic Man: Jesus Christ.

We believe that following the Way of the Last Adam is the only true path to becoming real men who fulfill their potential in every dimension of life.

1.The Being That Is Human