Junto Tribe Ministries exists to call, encourage, and train men to follow The Way of the Last Adam. Our training philosophy is built on the following pillars:

The biblical model of our humanity includes three dimensions: spirit, soul, and body.

  • Our spirit is the highest part of us—the part that connects to ultimate reality. God is Spirit, and our connection to Him is Spirit-to-spirit. We have a direct line to a God who loves us, wants the best for us, wants to partner with us in our hopes and dreams, and leads us through the wilderness.
  • Our soul is the realm of our mind, will (or desire), and emotions. Our soul interprets and responds to reality, defining our thoughts and choices.
  • Our body is the physical dimension of our beings. Our bodies interact with the world around us and learn through sensory experiences.

Each of these dimensions was designed to function together in an ordered relationship. Our spirit was designed to be connected to and led by the Holy Spirit. Our soul was designed to trust our spirit’s knowledge of truth and align our thoughts, desires, and emotions with that truth. And our bodies were designed to respond to our soul’s direction with appropriate action.

In The Way of the First Adam, this design can’t function because our spirits are dead, separated from God. Our souls and bodies are left to try and interpret and navigate reality in spiritual darkness. When we embrace The Way of the Last Adam, we enter a process of renewal and realignment where our souls and bodies unlearn the old beliefs and behaviors of darkness, and put on those of light.

In Genesis, we see that God created the First Adam as a partner who was equipped and authorized to fulfill a divine commission—to fill the earth and subdue it. The Last Adam restored man to His original design and purpose, unlocking our full humanity and sending us forth as partners in His mission to turn this broken world into the kingdom of heaven.

At Junto Tribe, we see seven archetypes or dimensions of who man was created to be. No matter our gifts, skills, physical attributes, or calling, every man is designed to be:

A Servant who uses his strength to benefit others.
A Warrior who protects what is true, beautiful, and good.
An Explorer who seeks to discover the wonders of creation.
A Craftsman who is capable of creating great works for others to enjoy.
A Scholar who pursues wisdom and knowledge.
A Leader who invests in the growth and success of others.
A Disciple who faithfully follows the Last Adam.

Theodore Roosevelt famously spoke of “the strenuous life.” At Junto Tribe, we believe that men were made for the strenuous life. When we stop striving for our identity and start living from our true identity, we naturally embrace the hard and rewarding work required to fulfill our calling and purpose. We constantly push ourselves to face challenges and grow beyond where we are in every dimension so that we can be fully trained to perform at the highest level in life. We refuse to settle for a life of comfort and compromise, but keep the high calling of Christ before us at all times.

There are three basic ingredients to the strenuous life.

  • SEEK: We must actively pursue the knowledge of God and His reality (truth), and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit.
  • ADAPT: We must align our lives with the truth and follow the Holy Spirit. By renewing our minds, we are increasingly transformed to think, feel, and act like the Last Adam.
  • ENDURE: We must continue to walk out the process of seeking and adapting for the rest of our lives. The only way to maintain growth is to keep growing.

At Junto Tribe, our goal is total human being performance. We want to help men train their spirit, soul, and body to the highest level so they are prepared for the rigors of life.

In the military, a fire team is a company of 6-8 men who train and perform missions together. In the heat of battle, this band of brothers is the reason warriors keep fighting, even to the death.

We were designed to train, grow, and perform in community. We strongly believe that every man needs to belong to a band of brothers who share in one another’s journey of identity.

We are currently in the process of developing a range of resources to serve you, including:

  • Mike’s upcoming book.
  • Speaking events and gatherings
  • Blogs, vlogs, and podcasts

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1.The Being That Is Human